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dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions!


About Us...

Debra Pamela Hendrickson and Denise Patricia Hendrickson

A Team of Identical Twin Sisters!

dosvisions... innovative service from identical solutions!
A Marketing Advertisement Consulting Firm encourages you to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about our Marketing Advertisement Consulting Firm and our product/services.

.dosvisions...Speaks through Peace!

dosvisions...innovative service from identical solutions!

Marketing Advertisement Consulting Firm



Q:  What is dosvisionsinnovative service from identical solutions! (AKA) dosvisions?

A:  Team of identical twin sisters, Denise Hendrickson and Debra Hendrickson who are founders of this Marketing Advertisement Consulting Firm.  To serve customers worldwide diverse community population and cultural organizations

Q:  Does dosvisions have a Brochure?

A:  Yes. An Introduction of valuable information about what product/service dosvisions provide you, the customer

Q:   Does dosvisions have a Job Order Contract Agreement Form?

A:    Yes.  To mutually agree to render customer product/service  needs and accept payment

Q:   What is a dosvisions Job Order Request Form?

A:   An Outline of dosvisions suite of Administrative and Marketing Analysis product/services

Q:   What is services are not limited as outlined?

A:    dosvisions are ready for or in condition to undertake destined function

Q:  Who are dosvisions Customers?

A:   Patron or business who signs a Job Order Contract Agreement Form of dosvisions

Q:  What is peace for dosvisions?

A:     Professionalism and Respect

Q:   What is Consultation for dosvisions?

A:    Methods, ideas and layouts which dosvisions innovative service from identical solutions! will discuss with you, the customer

Q:  What are dosvisions administrative suite list?

A:    List of dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions! product/service

Q:   What is dosvisions innovative?

A:    Intuitive vision (s) of design

Q:  What is dosvisions trend?

A:   Positive example of design layout of product/service

Q:   What is dosvisions solutions?

A:    Winning Result

Q:  What is dosvisions identical?

A:   Two ideas resulting in one vote

Q:   How to Contact Debra Pamela Hendrickson, President/Business Owner of dosvisions?

A    E-mail address:

A    E-mail address:

Q:   How to Contact Denise Patricia Hendrickson, President/Business Owner of dosvisions?

A    E-Mail address

A    E-mail address:



dosvisions…innovative service from identical solutions!

Will provide our Professional, Literary Writings and Project Marketing Analysis Research product/service to community’s diverse population and cultural organizations